The backbone of our network consists of a geographically separated, redundant fiber network that is connected via state-of-the-art routers and switch equipment. Our data centers are connected to various exchanges, peerings and transit providers. The core switches of our network provide, via multiple redundant paths, the connectivity within our network. This makes it possible to have your applications taken care of from multiple physical locations.

For our complete network we offer DDos mitigation and advanced load balancing and Content Delivery services. Combined with the high speed and capacity of our network, we can guarantee the availability of both the network and your platforms and applications even in extreme situations.

Redundant designed

H2B has a core network at various locations. The fiber optic paths have been purchased from various parties through long-term contracts. The fiber optic paths are thus arranged so that they do not overlap so that any faults do not affect internet connectivity.


With ISPs in our immediate vicinity we can exchange traffic directly, without the intervention of a third party. We then speak of peering. Such an exchange takes place in Internet Exchanges.


For connections with networks that are further away we use partners. Our partners are carefully selected so that we can guarantee a high reach and quality. For every connection we have a backup, so if something happens we always have an alternative at hand.


Security is essential for you. Redundancy and reliability are of paramount importance to us. Linking your infrastructure to our infrastructure increases the redundancy and reliability of your system enormously!

Do you want to improve the redundancy and reliability of your infrastructure?

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