An ICT network is the nerve center of every ICT department, it is the backbone of all ICT sub-solutions. It is important that the network is built as a foundation. If this is not the case, there is a good chance that the potential and performance of an ICT network will not be fully exploited, including speed, scalability, efficiency and capacity.

Our ICT specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, compiling, implementing and managing ICT networks. The intensive cooperation with renowned partners enables us to use the latest and best technology in the field of hardware and software.


A good start may be half the battle …. and that’s right. We first identify our customer needs and requirements and make a tailor-made design. All the time we keep the business model of our customer in the back of our mind and incorporate this in our design. All networks are tailor-made, because no network is the same.


A project is only really useful if it can also be implemented. Thanks to fundamental technical knowledge and experience with the products, rapid progress and results can be achieved. “Keep it simple” is a slogan that we like to use. After all, it must be manageable and lead to operational improvements, without making things too complex.


Do what you are really good at. Outsource the management of your infrastructure to H2B. This way your organization can focus essential resources and people on your core activities without worrying about your network. We optimize your environment, check backups and redundancy, ensure that all necessary updates are executed on time. In doing so, we incorporate all elements in our monitoring system so that real-time performance, availability and changes are monitored.


We are good at designing, implementing and managing networks. All our activities are provided with a clear step-by-step plan whereby we do not forget a good documentation and aftercare.

The search for improvements is not only our work, we live by it! Sometimes small improvements, sometimes large but every day we step forward, together with our customers.

We are happy to further improve and optimize your network together with you!

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